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Interview for a more sustainable tropical timber market in Europe

As independent consultants for the tropical timber market, we were asked by the Global Timber Forum to prepare and perform an interview with the biggest national organisations of tropical timber importers in Europe.

The purpose was to know which actions and knowledge the European countries are developing for a more sustainable and responsible tropical timber market.

The interview titled: “Interview gathering information for a more responsible and sustainable development in the tropical timber market in Europe” carried out in June 2015 had the objective to develop new sustainable and responsible markets for tropical timber in Europe. We asked the three European Federation Offices in Belgium, Germany and France what the markets, purchasers and end customers in Europe are asking for.

A fragment of the Interview:

What are your requirements for the producers in the international market, especially in developing countries?

Belgium: Fundamentally, their products have to be 100% legal and preferably sustainable – if possible FSC or PEFC certified. Moreover, the right product quality is necessary!

France: They have to step up the supply of certified products. That is the single way to pull tropical timber from their economic downward trend.

Germany: Suppliers must be clearly able to provide reliable information on their sources and supply chains – with regards to the EUTR. Especially in countries with a low CPI there it is often difficult to assess the reliability of documents; hence verification by a third party of documents from these countries would be much appreciated from the importers side.

Concluding that:

  • It exists a strong commitment to consume 100% FSC or PEFC certified legal timber in Europe.
  • The market is getting a more exclusive and expensive niche with less volume available and more competitive products in the market.
  • Some countries have established a mandatory timber-source and species declaration for wooden products.

We appreciate very much the time and knowledge provided by the interviewees of these three European Timber Federations, who gave a lot of information how the tropical timber market is developing. We also thank the Global Timber Forum for commissioning.

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Enjoy it! All the best for you!


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