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The wood lamellas in front of the window

Small wooden chapel

I say pines! and I feel
that it lightens my soul.
I say pines! and my ears
hear the forest.
I say pines! and my lips feel
the freshness of wild springs.
Juana de Ibarbourou, Pines
(free translation from Spanish)

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit a charming little chapel of the Jesuits in Pamplona, Spain, which was designed and built by my architect friends Raquel Cantera and Xabier Cherrez ( It is located in the space that connects the school and the church of the Jesuits.

The chapel was designed for only about 60 visitors in order to make the mass more intimate and interacting.

The predominant material is Scandinavian Pine (Pinus sylvestris) which creates a peaceful atmosphere with such warmth and peacefulness.

The space consists of a wooden structure of prefabricated modules covered with pine lamellas with a cross section of 4 by 8 cm.

To create more light and dimension in the space, a mirror is placed at the top part of the wall above the entrance reflecting the light from the opposite window wall which is constructed with horizontal slats to control and dilute sunlight in the morning.

It is a small wooden admirable space worth to visit. I leave the direction if you want to stop by:
c/ Francisco Bergamin 32, planta baja
31004 – Pamplona

Well done Raquel and Xabier! Excellent work!

A big hug, all the best!


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