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Front lake view

The cedars house

“The cedars house, the house surrounded by the cedar protection.”

When you read the name of this beautiful house – “Cedars House” – you might imagine that it is completely made of the tropical hardwood Cedar – Cedrela Odorata. But I have to tell you it is not. The house was made of the exotic hardwood Manchiche – Lonchocarpus castilloi. It was called “Cedars house” because of the big cedar trees around the house. During the construction, a lot of effort was spent to protect the seeds in the soil to create a small cedar forest in front of the house – looking stunning with the lake behind.

The land consists of two little hills. We had the choice to put it down or keep it and use it for the building, which also meant to keep almost all the existing trees in situ.

The design concept was to construct a bridge between the two hills and use it for the private area with sleeping rooms and bathrooms. The social and public area was situdated under the bridge as an open space allowing to enjoy the wonderful view over the lake.

As building materials, we decided to use the material of the area: limestone and wood. The Manchiche wood was bought from local forestal concessions having FSC certification and following fair trade principles. With this materials and the right suppliers we got a sustainable beautiful house in the forest at the lake Peten Itza, Guatemala.

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