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Tikal, Guatemala

The Mayas in the Guatemalan tropical forest

As you know the Maya civilization had its zenith in the Central American tropics more about one thousand years ago. Tikal (200 – 900AD) was one of the main cities of this great civilization. In the 10th century it was abandoned. There exist several theories why the civilization disappeared. One of the credible theories is that the cities run out of water – a necessity for live. The theory assumes that the civilization had used almost all the forest for living especially for the production of limestone blocks for their buildings.

In 1700, Spain conquested the region – 200 years after the first caravel arrived in America. The Spanish found the old Mayan temples, which are sill impressive, under the tropical forests.

Based on this little background information of the Mayan biosphere, I want to show you the natural ability of the forest to heal and renew itself.

This is an impressive example of the natural cycle of reforestation. For sure, it shows us that the power of nature has limits and might be beat by mankind – the high civilization had to leave the region because it overstressed the abilities of nature. But at the same time, nature can renew itself if it has the freedom to do it.

This shows us that we need to use the forest in a sustainable way as the forest concessions are doing it in Guatemala since 1990. Their success is a real example of succeeding sustainability.

It sounds a very simple action but it is quite complicated to keep, protect and use the forest for living in a sustainable way. The communities have been working hard to make it possible. With their actions, ordinary Guatemalan people, many of them ancestors of the old Mayas, are protecting and renewing their tropics establishing a showcase for the world. Thank you! Share it and all the best for you!

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