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Using wood as material to reduce climate change

Currently, the buildings are mostly constructed with steel and concrete. These two materials have been the most used in the construction industry. However, neither of both has a completely sustainble life cycle balance as the wood.

As a building material, wood possesses competitive characteristics and properties compared to the other two materials.

  1. Wood needs only a small amount of energy for production and recycling.
  2. Wood is a completely renewable material.
  3. Wood does not produce remaining waste at the end of the life. The material can be used to produce other products or for the production of biomass.
  4. Wood absorbs a large amount of carbon from the atmosphere. For example, 1 tree may contain more than 1 ton of CO2 [1].

Finally, according to US Green Building Council (2016) the United States issued around 39% of carbon emissions in the construction sector. Europe has a a similar percentage of 36% [2].

By using wood as a construction material, we are helping to reduce global carbon emissions into the atmosphere and ensure a sustainable life cycle of the buildings.

All this has to be done also always taking care of a sustainable production of the wood in the natural forests.

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