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Wood structure

Why are we so fascinated with wood?

“To early man, trees were objects of awe and wonder. 
The mystery of their growth, the movement of their leaves and branches, the way they seemed to die and come again to life in spring, the sudden growth of the plant from the seed – all these appeared to be miracles as indeed they still are, miracles of nature!” – Ruskin Bond, The World of Trees

Since the early years of my life, the connection with wood has been very strong. Living my childhood in a jungle area with an adventuresome family, we enjoyed many times in the rainforest with hiking, looking for monkeys, frogs, birds – having a wonderful day in the water surrounded by the trees. Yes this is my hometown: Flores, Peten Guatemala. A fascinating very small town where my family started working with wood. So, you can imagine with how much wood we lived in our house. Learning all the kinds of exotic species that the forest can give and to use to dress a beautiful house was one of the things that I learned from my grandfather Lolo. Now, being an architect focussing on sustainability and loving to design with wood, I would like to share with you this wonderful world that the wood can give to the human being. Giving always more than you expect is the fascination of this natural material. Wood is the first material used by the man to protect, to warm, to decorate, to produce tools, to invent things like cars, planes…. and all kind of living needs.

So, now please enjoy this platform and share it with me, your friends and family to learn every time a little more about this wonderful material; and to give it the value that it has!

With all my love, thanks to you!

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